I think Daredevil 8, Daredevil 6, DareDevil 5, DareDevil 17, Daredevil 19, Daredevil 7, Daredevil 13, Daredevil 21 and Daredevil 18 should get a award. Because their widgets are cool and there posts are interesting.

Grade 5

This year in grade five it a little good. Because in grade five, daredevil 7 was yelling at me and daredevil 5. Because I took his mini skate board and daredevil 5 played with his mini skate board without permission. So daredevil 7 start yelling at me and daredevil 5 like mad! He shouted so loud that I didn’t expect he will shout. All I expect is he will kindly ask to give it back.

This grade five wasn’t that bad because we had a lot of fun things to do. Except daredevil 7 yelling at me and my friend. That was very scary. Because his voice was very loud.

Shark Water!

There was a movie called ” shark water” and the movie was great because they showed different kind of sharks that are being hunt. Also the most funniest thing in the video was a chinese guy used inappropriate language to tell us that sharks are not good and that chinese professor said sharks never get cancer and say the americans were crazy! The sharks can have cancer. The American said.

The movie showed people illegally poaching sharks and cutting of there fins to sell and just dumping there body into the water. There body sink to the bottom of the ocean and die from hunger or other predators eat them.

The Best Blog!

I think Dare devil 6 blog is great! Because he had typed almost all of the challenge he had to do. He also have even written some of his own ideas like kinder eggs. He also have write a lot of post and good ones. DareDevil 6 have put a post about the song and he have great widgets. He also have written very detail post about the war and planes in his post. So I think daredevil 6 blog is great!

I also think daredevil 17’s blog is great. Because his blog looks organized and he have links to other different blogs. He written a very detail post about helping the environment. I think it is very clear.


The whole grade 5 went to Cheung Chau island and camp there. We split up in different groups. red, yellow, green, orange and blue. We took a ferry to Cheung Chau and  went to the cave . Inside the cave was very humid and we had to bring a flashlight because inside the cave it was very dark and we couldn’t see a thing! There was a very small part of the cave that you have to stay low so you can pass through. After exploring the whole cave.

The next thing that the yellow group done was camp craft. First we had to put up a tent and we had to take the whole tent down and put it back in the bag. The next thing we had to do was cooking the bread and we made the flour and mixed it into a large bowl with some cinnamon. The next thing was we add some water and made the shape of the bread and put it on a piece of metal. To leave it to cook. Then we add a some honey and eat it.

We went back to our dorms and put our luggage there. Then we ate dinner. We had rice, corn soup, chicken, tomato and french fries and chicken wings. After that we went to the area and we had to buy super hero powers and show it to the groups. It was supposed to end at 8:30. But it finished at 9:00. So I was so tired that I not a lot of time to take a shower. When I was in bed with dare devil 21, 5, 6 and some other kid in a different class. That kid woke me up a lot and just ask me about the time.In the morning the same kid woke me up and he talked so loud that a teacher had to come in our room and asked  us to be quite. In the morning our neighbor was talking about bread in cantonese and hit the wall so hard like a gorilla. Around 5:30 in the morning.

The next day. Our group went to go bike riding. We went to a bike riding shop and practice riding the bike and we ride away. When we came back from the bike ride we went to play games. I thought the game was very hard. Because we had to use our fingers and put the hoop to the ground. There were a lot of arguments when we were doing it. After that we went to do the great race. The great race was very exciting because we had to go around the island and write down information or answer questions and in the end of the third day they will choose the top three from the great race.

The last day in Cheung Chau island. We went rock climbing and we made GORP= Good Old Raisin and Peanuts. When I went up to rock climb I thought it was easy on the flat wall but the hard on was the wall that wasn’t straight. The last thing was to go to the ferry pier and leave cheung chau.

That day in Cheung Chau was just a good camp. I also enjoyed the great race a lot. Because in the end of the day our team won the first prize!


I think people use more time on face book like my friend, dare devil 5 and 6. I think a lot of people around the world sign up for a new account and over 410 million users around the world. I don’t have face book or twitter and I don’t even want to check about face book. I think a lot of people join face book because there are a lot of fun games that people play.
I think teenagers use there phone a lot of times. Teenager use phones to talk to friends a lot and send massages.


On Wednesday march 31st. In my class. We had the reading buddies to come in our class and make cookies. But that day was very bad because the boys in our class had nothing to do and the girls in our class never let the boys to do a lot of mixing.

If you could of personally witnessed any event in history, which event would you choose and why?

If I can witness any event in history I will go back in time and see the dinosaurs. Because I could see how big they were with my own eyes and how they hunted for their prey. Besides, I could see different kinds of dinosaurs that I haven’t read on books.  I also could take photos of how the dinosaurs got extincted and how they hunt for food.


On March 22 2010. The whole CDNIS went to Aberdeen Sports Ground for Alan Dick Memorial Walk. Dare devil 5 and I  ran for an hour.  I ran for 17 laps and he ran 16 laps. For lunch it was great we had hotdogs, banana, drinks and cookies. After that we had our school band play while we were eating. I really enjoy the day but I still miss Mr Dick in my heart.