On Wednesday march 31st. In my class. We had the reading buddies to come in our class and make cookies. But that day was very bad because the boys in our class had nothing to do and the girls in our class never let the boys to do a lot of mixing.

4 thoughts on “Cookies

  1. Hi Daredevil 11
    I am helping Miss Wyatt with the blogging challenge.So I thought I would come back and see what you had added to your blog from the last time I have visited.

    What part would you have liked to do? Would you have liked to mix or would you have rather eaten then biscuits ?

    Thanks for letting me read your blog.

  2. hey im from hong kong too and i am in a school called hong kong academy. Are you going to south island school next because. I am. And do you know someone called Joe Keogh. He is one of my best friends

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